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Winding up estates

An estimate of our fees will be drawn up after a preliminary discussion with you, which will allow us to assess the amount of work involved. We will let you know if that assessment has to change during the course of the winding up of the estate, either because there is more work involved than originally anticipated or because it is more complicated than previously assessed.

We want our fees to be affordable and our aim is to be open about the way in which we charge. We understand that you do not want to be uncertain about the fee you will have to pay at the end of the administration of a deceased person's estate.
As a general guide and depending on the circumstances of the executry if there is no inheritance tax payable the fee will vary from around £500 for smaller estates to between £1,000 and £3,000 where the deceased held moderate assets and for instance an application for tax relief has to be made or the court has to be asked to appoint an executor in cases of intestacy. Where inheritance tax is payable the fee will be higher. We do not charge fees based on the value of the estate but to reflect the amount of work involved.
We will ask you to settle our interim fee after we have completed the initial part of the work, generally when we have submitted the application for Confirmation. We will also ask you to pay our necessary outlays as they are incurred; this will include the sum which is payable to the court when an application for Confirmation is lodged.
The court fees for receiving and examining the inventory vary according to the value of the estate and currently are :
• under £50,000 : no fee
• £50,000 to £250,000 : £256
• exceeding £250,000 : £512
In addition each certificate of Confirmation costs £8
Wills and Powers of Attorney
Standard Wills - £250
Powers of Attorney - £220
We offer a discount when a couple both wish to grant a Power of Attorney or to have a Will drawn up
Standard Wills - couple - £225 each
Powers of Attorney - couple - £200 each
Notarial services
A fee of £20 will apply for each document.
Where advice is also required an additional sum may be charged, depending on the nature of the matter.
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