What is a Notary Public Scotland?

January 24, 2023 by QLAdmin

Notary Public Edinburgh Scotland 

Quill Legal offers a notarial service. Kay Blaikie is a Notary Public and can assist with the certification or notarisation of a wide variety of documents for use in the United Kingdom or elsewhere in the world, for companies as well as for individuals. 

Where the legal validity of a document requires the administration of an oath or the receipt of an affidavit or solemn affirmation Kay can administer the oath or receive the relevant affidavit, such as in undefended divorces. She is registered with the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and can arrange to have your document legalised, which means that the Foreign Office places a certificate called an Apostille on the document confirming her credentials. 

What is a Notary Public Edinburgh and how does someone become a Notary Public?

Some of the vocabulary you will see may be quite confusing; you may be required to sign a document before or in front of a Notary Public or to have some paperwork notarised. You may wonder who is a Notary Public and what does Notary Public mean. Notaries are solicitors though not all solicitors carry out notarial work. Notaries Public play an important and essential legal role in Scotland and only those solicitors who have a current practising certificate from the Law Society of Scotland can act as Notaries. They must exercise a high standard of care not only to the client but also to those who will rely on the document, officials, governments and courts of other countries. The Law Society of Scotland admits Notaries and is responsible for their registration.  

What does a Notary Public Scotland do and what types of documents are dealt with?

Some of the documents Notaries Public can deal with are : 

  • travel consents
  • powers of attorney for use abroad
  • statutory declarations for instance for a change of name
  • affidavits, affirmations and renunciations for a variety of purposes
  • many types of company documentation 
  • documents requiring authentication in order to open a foreign bank account
  • certificates of good standing and certificates of life.

Notaries public can provide :

  • certified copies of various forms of identification, academic diplomas and degrees 
  • notarisation of an extensive range of documents
  • notarial certificates to verify a set of facts
  • their signature on documents on behalf of persons who are blind or unable to write –  this is called notarial execution in Scotland
  • assistance with the legalisation of documents by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office,  involving attachment of an Apostille to your document

Do you have any questions?

If you require any of these services, legalisation or Apostille service, notarisation, certification or attestation Quill Legal is able to assist you. Fees are laid out here

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